The VA Home Loan Journey for First Time Buyers


The VA Home Loan Journey for First Time Buyers

The following is an assessment of what can lead to a wise home purchase decision for the first time buyer.

Access Your Initial Home

Buying a residence for the first time is without doubt one of the most important epochs in anyone’s life. Some find the procedure riddled with frustrations but certified experts will always assist you to get it right.

Budget for a Feasible Home Price

One of the most nagging questions when making that first volley into the home purchase arena is the amount you are able to realistically remit for the residence. Several factors lead to a feasible estimate including personal ones such as yearly earnings, outstanding debts, money down amount for the new loan and upfront charges. The upfront charges include PMI and housing fees. Luckily, there are VA loan calculators that enable prospective homeowners to calculate how much they can pay per installment and relate it to their earnings.

The Type of Mortgage Matters

Funding is diverse and as such, borrowers should seek to understand each option and its possible benefits before delineating one off the clutter. Veterans and servicemen for one need to settle for the $0 money down VA loan that the Veterans Authority recommends. It has unique advantages in comparison to conventional financing.

VA Loan Advantages

  • Money down is scraped. Conventional or commercial mortgages necessitate an applicant to remit 10% or more of the actual cost of a residence. More so, the current grim economic context has even forced the rates to go to as high as 20%. It is fair to say that many first time home buyers find the money down necessity a hard nut to crack and thus forgo the loan, altogether. The VA Loan, alongside USDA, is the only credit scheme that is devoid of this appendage on the principal. Still, it is flexible enough to allow voluntary money down remission by willing borrowers, to bring down the 30-day installments.
  • Easy to Qualify. Most first home buyers do not necessarily have a dynamic credit chronology, which implies a likelihood of denial of the loan or a hike of the interest. The very guarantor status of the Veterans Affairs Department on behalf of the VA loan means that the mortgage will always attract exceptionally low rates.
  • Low monthly payments.Because there are no PMI premiums, the VA loan realizes the goal of the applicant to save some out-of-pocket charges that come with conventional mortgages. Indeed, interest rates alongside the low 30-day installments can add up over the years to tens of thousands of savings.


Pre-Qualification Stage

The initial step in seeking a first time home is the pre-qualification stage. This leads to approval by both the lender and the government. The credit score and income levels help to assess the amount one can borrow. After this assessment, one then sends the application form to the lending authority that approves it.

Consulting Real Estate Agents

The VA loan program requires a real estate agent, especially for the uninformed first-time homebuyer, because this expert has masterly over the labyrinth that surrounds the VA Benefit Program. Furthermore, the expert comprehends the real estate requirements of servicemen and ex-servicemen. You can always find an extensive web of agents who have special attachment to military personnel all over the US.

There is indeed a significant number of choices for first time home buyers. All these options are easily available online and via the Veterans Association.