VA Loan Eligibility


Because of their instrumental support for the Federal state, servicemen and retired personnel are eligible for a number of benefits as a genuine appreciation for the noble duties they discharge in service. The VA loan scheme was created to facilitate this mission, and the progress has been remarkable so far.

The VA loan is available to all those who have ever served the country at war or during peacetime. But like any other loan arrangement, there are terms that applicants must meet. One of the leading requirements for eligibility for a VA Loan is to have served at least 90 days, back-to-back, in a war zone. Alternatively, having served beyond 181 days in peacetime also earns the veteran eligibility. Still, being a spouse of a veteran who succumbed during active duty or a war-related maiming can be reason enough for special consideration.

The bridge between the application stage and the actual VA loan is a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) that the Department of Veterans Affairs offers, after ascertaining one’s details. This important document is available directly from the Veterans Association, but it can also come via third party players like us who can accelerate its accessibility.

Despite the fact that the authorities at VA formulate the VA Loan eligibility criteria, this may be tempered by a few other requirements by lending agencies who may want to verify debt statements, current earnings and credit record.

Upon applying for a VA Loan, a mortgage expert will normally take time to analyze information from the borrower’s credit score and determine the insolvency status, meaning a quotient between credit and earnings.

The credit-to-earnings quotient is usually an outcome of the division of income and debt. The smaller the percentage, the greater the prospect of qualifying for a VA Loan. Our experts will get this information from a triple set of the nation’s most respected credit firms in order to verify one’s qualifications within the shortest time possible.