VA Loan California is the Right Choice for Incredible Interest Rates

VA Loan California is the Right Choice for Incredible Interest RatesVA loan California is the perfect home purchase program of choice for all ex-servicemen in the Golden State. From the high-rise steel structures of the ‘City of Angels’ to the enterprising  southern city of San Diego, and from the Golden Gate city of San Francisco to the cities along the Mexican border, veterans will always be happy to get the best deals in the California mortgage scene.

Good News on VA loan CA Interest Rates

On June 5 2013, the program got a nice uplift following the disclosure by the VA department that it had brought down the interest rates to 3.9 percent. In a nutshell, this means:

  • It is the best rate for the 30-year permanent-rate amortization plan.
  • It increases the ability to repay.

VA Loans Center is ready to take you through the fine details so that you can explore the most suitable option for you.

Just contact us today; we’ll be glad to help you.

How do the Interest Changes Affect California Limits?

While the California VA Loans limits remain the same, the new interest rate can reduce the amount you pay on the principal in the long term. More so, as the following table reveals, not all maximum figures for the single family limit are the same in the entire California belt. Let’s take a look at the following cities.

Jurisdiction Single ($) Maximum ($)
Alameda 987500 1 million
Los Angeles 668750 1 million
Napa 521250 1 million
San Benito 823750 1 million
Sacramento 417000 1 million


Depending on your city of residence, you can apply for an amount that reflects the county’s financial levels.

How to Refinance to a Lower Rate

Veterans have a great chance of benefiting from the most incredible interest rates by refinancing their VA loan California.

In order to help you undertake effective refinancing, a VA loan expert will assist you to accomplish the following:


  • Apply for the IRRRL refinancing option to help bring down interest rates in the future.
  • Select the Fixed-rate or Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) depending on your financial status.
  • Turn a 30-year arrangement into a 15-year arrangement at the current market rate.
  • Use a professional mortgage calculator to determine how rates are likely to affect the option you choose.

VA Loans Center makes it easy for veterans to choose the VA loan CA option that best suits their situation. You will also have smooth access to the following benefits:

  • Property tax-waiver for the physically-challenged veterans.
  • Fair rates for home repair.

No matter your situation, you can trust us to hold your hand until you own a decent home.


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