I’m I Eligible For VA Loan Iowa?

I’m I Eligible For VA Loan Iowa?The countdown to your VA loan Iowa begins here at VA Loans Center. If you are still skeptical about the smoothness of the qualification process, the ease of eligibility and the assurance of guaranty terms, then it was time you made contact with us.

If your eye is on a direct home purchase product or alternatively an IRRRL refinance, then you are right at the threshold of help.

Do I Qualify?

As show of proof that you have been in service, you ought to acquire a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). This is important for anyone applying for VA loan IA and it outlines, among others:

  • The  service terms: 90 days back-to-back in wartime in the following periods:
    • The great war period of 1940 to 1947.
    • The Korean conflict of 1950 to ’55.
    • The Vietnam era of 1964 to ’75.
  • You also qualify for VA loan IA if you served during peace time and additional timelines as follows:
    • World War II aftermath circa 1947 to ’50.
    • Korean aftermath c.1950 to ’55.
    • Ho Chi Minch City aftermath c.1964 to ’75.

The time of duty is the most essential item.

Who Else Qualifies?

As most loan products go, there is always an ‘extra’ that can take over the existing VA loan Iowa down its amortization period and none better in this respect than the spouse of a maimed veteran. Children of veterans who pass on during the amortization duration can also take over the mortgage. However, you cannot apply merely because you are a child of an ex-serviceman! You need to meet the set stipulations.

Relocating to Iowa?

The barricades of Camp Dodge in this great state never closes its doors on a veteran who, after serving his nation, comes knocking for a VA loan Iowa. From the name city of the state to Des Moines and elsewhere, you can settle down and apply just like any other resident ex-serviceman.

What more, even certain non-US veterans of the Great War also qualify in any state.

Benefits of VA loan IA

  • You won’t pay a dime in money down.
  • No premiums.
  • No upfront charges.
  • No prepayment penalties or fees on overdue payments.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Very minimal paperwork, most of which we can work out.

If any of the above is a wonderful prospect for your mortgage needs, then accord us the guardian role as the custodians of your VA loan Iowa.

Make that lifetime step today towards owning a permanent home. Just contact us!


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