VA Loan Maryland: Do You Qualify?

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Applying and qualifying for VA loan Maryland is a trouble-free exercise. Since it began in 1944, veterans of the state have been among the over 19 million national beneficiaries.

Four Simple Stages of Application

  • Provide proof of having enlisted in the military. Among others, Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is the document that will influence the Department of Veterans Affairs to give a nod on your VA loan MD application. Do not forget we can ease your way through this essential part of the application.
  • Use the services of a Realtor to locate a suitable residence.
  • Go through the pre-qualification stage. This involves assessing your credit score and monthly payments through a mortgage calculator.
  • Get the property appraised.
  • Wait for approval.

What do you need to Qualify for VA loan Maryland?

  • 90 days of consistent service during wartime.
  • 181 days of consistent service during times of peace.
  • A non-US citizen with military attachment on the Allied Side during the 1940-47 WWII’s epoch.
  • A spouse of a veteran who succumbed in active duty.
  • National Guardsmen also qualify.
  • Remember you only qualify if you intend to be a resident of this state that has some of the highest numbers of military establishment in the US.

After Qualifying?

You may also opt to refinance your existing VA loan Maryland through the IRRRL or Cash-out options. VA Loans Center has the advice on the best choice for those who are refinancing from another government program or an existing veterans mortgage. Our loan experts will tell you the future effects of settling for either:

  • The 30-year permanent-rate program, or
  • The 15-year Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) program.

The 30-year permanent-rate program is most suited for veterans with stable income or pension who do not need to change the current rates. This helps them escape the ripples of interest and market changes, some of which, like lender’s APR, change every day. The ARM option is recommended for veterans applying for a VA loan MD with skepticism about the state of their income in coming days. It allows you to take advantage of rate reduction during favorable market conditions or even change the maturity period.

A Brief on Maryland

When applying for your first VA loan MD in first-time buyer or second-time buyer capacity, you may be glad to know that your state has the most honorable military establishment in the nation.  Andrews Air Force Base is indeed home to the President’s official airliner. You will also find nine more facilities including:

  • The Naval Academy
  • FortMeade  &
  • Fort Detrick

Apply now for your first or second-time VA loan Maryland and benefit from the wisdom of experienced VA loan experts at VA Loans Center.


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