VA Loan Massachusetts: A Treasure-trove of Attractive Benefits

VA Loan Massachusetts:  A Treasure-trove of Attractive Benefits

Are you from Boston, Lexington or Greater Massachusetts? VA Loans Center is a leading provider of VA loan Massachusetts for military families who have decided to settle on the East Coast. We welcome you to join the bandwagon of thousands of other eligible veterans in your state.

Benefits of VA loan MA

The benefits range from flexible amortization to negligible upfront fees. This VA loan also removes the funding fee for veterans who suffer physical challenges. Here are the specific benefits:

  • Negligible closing costs with 6% of the same coming form the lending party.
  • The loan is 100% Loan-to-value (LTV).
  • The Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is inapplicable in this home purchase program. The lending community removes the premiums because it trusts on the guaranty role of the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to cushion off any repayment breaches.
  • VA loanMassachusetts has neither:
    • Early payment fee.
    • Late payment penalty when there are reasonable financial constrains.
    • With the exception of USDA mortgages, the veterans home purchase program is the only product that does not attract money down.
    • Flexible maturity period of 15 or 30 years.

Other Benefits

Some of the benefits, like the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will relieve the monthly payments of your VA loan MA by settling part of the major domestic bills. Here is a full list of these extra benefits.

  • BAH: The current rate for the main city of Boston is $2355 for grade E1 and $3939 for the highest grade, 07. Both figures are for veterans with dependants.
  • There are military establishments relevant to the veteran, including the Hanscom Airbase.
  • There are educational and health benefits for the military residents in the state.

How do I Qualify for These Benefits?

The necessary documents that you require for VA loan Massachusetts include Certificate of Eligibility (COE) which basically portrays the details of your military service, including:

  • Your term of service which should be honorable.
    • Have you served for 90 days back-to-back in the war periods 1940-47 (WWII), 1950-55 (Korean War), or latter-day wars?
    • Have you been in service for at least 181 days during times of peace?
    • Were you a member of the Allied Forces in WWII and are now seeking to settle in the US? You may be eligible for a VA loan MA with its brimful of benefits.
    • Are you a spouse of a deceased ex-serviceman who passed on during active service? Come to us, we will guide you.

We are Everywhere!

From Cape Cod to Worchester, VA Loans Center will walk with you as you search for a suitable financing product.  We will work with you until you pass the eligibility stage and earn your first VA loan Massachusetts within reasonable time.


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