VA Loan Oklahoma: Qualifications, Rates and Refinance Options

VA Loan Oklahoma: Qualifications, Rates and Refinance Options

VA loan Oklahoma is the perfect home purchase loan to help you settle in Choctaw, Tulsa or Oklahoma City. We will help you go through the entire process from application to qualification.

What are the Qualifications?

If you are still undecided on where to start, please contact VA Loans Center now.

VA loan OK requires term-of-service details from your former military detachment. You may also submit a statement from a living infantry commander who knew you during service.

Here are the rest of the requirements:


  • You must have served 90 days, consecutively, in any of the historic conflicts the US has ever been involved in, starting with World War II. Alternatively, you need to have served for 181 during peace.
  • Most importantly, your discharge papers must be for a general or honorable reason. Military dishonor curtails eligibility for VA Loan OK.
  • If you have served in the National Guardsmen or Reservists section, you need to have rendered service for at least 6 years.

Who Else Can Qualify for VA loan Oklahoma?

Though it is de facto that only veterans can become beneficiaries of the program, it is also possible for parties who have never worn military uniform to apply.

  • Widows/widowers of military personnel who succumbed in active duty are eligible.
  • Children of veterans who die while processing the VA loan can assume the mortgage. NB: It is not possible for a son or daughter of a veteran to apply in his or her name. They can only inherit from their parents’ mantle.

Lenders and Rates

One of the distractions in the mortgage application process anywhere is landing a competitive interest rate and a perfect lender. While you may wish to fall back on the naturally low rates of VA loan OK, you may find placing a lender still an issue. This is where you need to contact VA Loans Center for assistance.

Refinance To a New Term or Better Rate

VA loan Oklahoma also enables veterans with a variable-rate program to streamline into current market interest rates that are low, via the following options:

  • You can swap an existing mortgage into a low-rated plan using the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL).
  • You can also tap the equity that your collateral home has amassed for the last few years of amortization. Choose the Cash-out Refinance option to tap into this value.
  • You can extend the term to thirty years or reduce it to fifteen years, at will, using a refinance option.

If you want to live near Altus Air Force Base, Fort Sill or any other military establishment in the state, just take the first step of contacting us and leave the rest to VA Loans center.

We will assist you to find property in your preferred location and finance it with VA loan Oklahoma.


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