VA Loan Texas Funding Programs

VA Loan Texas Funding Programs

Here is a toast to veteran residents of the Lone Star State just about to use the numerous benefits of VA loan Texas. VA Loans Center is committed to kick-starting your journey alongside not only the Department of Veterans Affairs but the state’s  Veterans Lands Board that has overseen the procurement of funds to ex-servicemen, beginning 1983.

Lot Purchase Program

The Veterans Loans Board (VLB) has as solution for any ex-serviceman who wants to buy a piece of land from Dallas to Houston, Austin or anywhere else. With a VA loan TX, you stand to not only land a lot but develop it with a construction mortgage:

  • The special benefits of the construction mortgage accrue to its guaranty status and the possibility of future renovations.
  • Disabled veterans have special benefits, including grants, for developing a plot of land.

Property Improvement Program

Visit VA Loans Center to get a repair mortgage today. At a glance, here is what you can expect with VA loan Texas in this regard:

  • You will pay lower rates to repair your property compared to the rates of buying a home.
  • You can use the efficient services of a home inspector to delineate all areas that need repair before submitting the full report to the VLB.

Property Purchase program

The most important premise of VA loan TX is none other than locating and purchasing a residence at an affordable rate. The current mortgage dispensation in the state is quite attractive for the rate is as minimal as 3.83 percent for the mainstream applicant.

The physically challenged ex-serviceman has a chance to access the same at 3.3 percent. *These rates appreciate or depreciate each day and should be used for relative reference.

Benefits of VA loan Texas

  • You can choose a fixed or Adjustable Rate term of 15 or 30 years.
  • There is no income limit though you must not surpass the $417000 guaranty threshold.
  • You can easily refinance in the course of your VA loan Texas arrangement.
  • No money down
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).
  • Partial closing costs can go to the seller.

Contact VA Loans Center

Having reviewed the above details, maybe you have already gotten a hint on which VA loan TX program to choose. With VLB and VA department so eager to help those who have served the nation selflessly, and with us backing you all the way, you can be sure your home ownership dream will be a walk in the park.

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