VA Loan Utah: Home Ownership Options

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If you have recently received a posting at, or just want to reside near Hill Air Force Base, you may also consider applying for a military mortgage at VA Loans Center.

Indeed, VA loan Utah helps veterans to finance all kinds of properties that they may need as first-time or second-time buyers. These home ownership options include:

  • Manufactured homes.
  • Condos and multiplex properties constructed at least 5 years before the application date.
  • Lots for construction.

VA loan Utah also offers a special grant for disabled ex-servicemen to construct a new residence from scratch.

VA loan UT Requirements

Getting a VA loan through VA Loans Center creates up time in your home ownership journey. This is because it comes with just the following few requirements:

  • Your home should meet environmental stipulations including energy-efficiency. Address this issue through a home inspector that we can help you find.
  • The home value ought to be within the $417000 guaranty threshold for the single unit.
  • You should occupy the new collateral residence within two months of closing.

Benefits of VA loan UT

  • You will not pay a penny worth of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).
  • Zero money down.
  • Perfect FICO score is not a hindrance. Even with 620 or 640 we can help you pre-qualify.
  • The funding fee need not be a distraction. You can roll it into the loan principal.

Necessary Documents for VA loan Utah

VA Loans Center unburdens veterans much of the paperwork associated with owning a home. We will also assist you to find a lender who has to be party to the processing of the major documents that include:

  • Appraisal Report. This is facilitated by the LAPP process which involves a home appraiser, the lender and the military department.
  • The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is necessary for ascertaining service terms that include:
    • Your full military tenure.
    • Your Discharge reason, which should have been general or honorable.
    • Service that lasted ninety continuous days in wartime or service that lasted 181 days during peace.

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