Who is Eligible for VA Loan Washington?

Who is Eligible for VA Loan Washington?VA loan Washington is the clearest example of how the United States government rewards its veterans after long-term service to the country. You can use the VA loan in diverse ways, from purchasing a condo to owning a mobile home and from financing a construction lot to funding repairs.

VA Loans Center provides an easy application process. We are ever ready to assist in every step of the way.

Credit Requirements

  1. Do you have a credit score of 620 or ideally 640? If not, trust on a loan counselor to help you consolidate your funds or perhaps qualify at a lower score.
  2. Have you ever suffered foreclosure action? In case this is true, then the auctioning period should have ended in the last 24 months.
  3. Post-bankruptcy borrowers for VA loan WA must have re-positioned their finances in the past twenty four months.

Qualification Guidelines

The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is the most essential document in the qualification process. VA Loans Center will help you to check whether you have passed the distinct eligibility stipulations, including:

  • You have been a recruit in a battlefield for 90 consecutive days.
  • Your military tenure had at least 181 days worth of service in a war reconstruction period featuring any of the following wars:
    • WWII aftermath.
    • Korean War aftermath.
    • Post-Vietnam War era.
    • Post-Gulf War period.
  • Your discharge papers are free of any dishonorable character.
  • You can also qualify for a VA loan Washington if you are a widow or widower of a veteran who went missing or died in action.

Other Qualifications

There are other qualifications applicable to VA loan WA that affect kinsmen of ex-servicemen who pass on during amortization. Two major options include:

  1. Beneficiaries can assume the mortgage in case of death, shoulder the entire lien and enjoy the benefits.
  2. Though widows and widowers of deceased veterans can pass the test, they cannot pre-qualify if they remarry.

Automatic Benefits of VA loan WA

  • No money down.
  • No premiums.
  • No funding fee for disabled applicants.
  • It is possible to extend the repayment period via a number of options including streamline refinance.

Take Advantage of the Current Attractive Rates

If you are from Tacoma, Seattle or Olympia, you must have admired a house with a ‘For Sale’ placard. Wonder no more how you are going to finance this property for with a VA loan Washington, everything will be a breeze.

Whether you want to live near one of the eight military bases in your state including Fairchild Air Force Base, or elsewhere, VA Loans Center is happy to serve you! Talk to us today.


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